February 9, 2013

Camille (1936) & Camille (1921)

Camille (1936)

This adaptation just speaks for itself. It's one of the most atmospheric, heart wrenching, beautifully done films ever made, certainly of the entire 1930's and of Robert Taylor and Greta Garbo's careers.
If you want a heart breaking romance with an actor like Robert Taylor who can play heart broken so well,  look no further than the best film made from Dumas story.

Garbo's portrayal as the tragic Marguerite is one of the finest of romantic cinema with beautifully done costumes, cinematography and weepy music to highlight all the moments in the film that convey the fate of Marguerite's illness and Armand's love.

George Cukor's fine direction brings out all the lavishness and tension in the atmosphere when Armand's faith and love is being tested again and again.

I love this movie so much it is now on my top 50 films. _______________________________________________________________________

Camille (1921)

Alexandre Dumas,fils story set in modern-day 1920's with Valentino as Armand and Nazimova as the lady of the camellias aka Marguerite.

With Nazimova's outrageous hair, it might at first distract from the story but after awhile it's forgotten and I personally became quite taken in with this adaptation mainly because of Rudy Valentino's performance and all the sad faces he makes. Even when Marguerite first speaks to him it's meant to be a let down "he would do better to study love" it does not stop him from falling.

It's silly to give this one a 4/5 because of that hair but there is one - Nazimova in certain scenes where she does exaggerate with her acting but then again there were moments where she was genuine especially when told she had to give up the only man who really loved her for her, and not as a kept woman.


Patti said...

Hi, Elisa. I was just stopping by to say hi. I'm not sure if you've just been busy or if you are no longer blogging. Hope to see you back on a more regular basis one of these days.

I am not into silents, so I have never seen the 20's version of "Camille," but as a huge Robert Taylor fan, I, of course, have seen the 30's version. SUCH a sobber!! He was so incredibly beautiful in that film. As he got older, those pretty boy looks changed into a gorgeous, rugged, masculine handsomeness.

And Greta, well, she is simply stunning in "Camille."

Elisa D. Jones said...

Kinda busy I guess.

I know I don't blog on here like I use too but I will every so often, just not as much.

Thanks for your comment!

patrick lordoew said...

This movie is available on DVD I found the listings below they look ok. Thanks