October 12, 2012

My Top Films: Les Enfants du Paradis (1945)

A couple months ago I finally composed a top film list on my IMDb profile. I always hesitated doing one before, a top 10 this, a top 25 that but I finally came up with one by looking through all my favorites and placing what I thought were the most significant to me (aka films I can't stop thinking about) into a top 40 (and albeit I might add more to make it to 50 in the near future).

I had an idea for my blog here to write a little bit about the classics that are on my list and why (if I can).

To view my IMDb profile, go here. AND as it states, not in any particular order.


I guess I've said quite a bit about this film. IT IS the best one I have seen this year (tied with The Artist) when it comes to classics (The Artist counts as a classic in a lot of ways).

What more needs to be said about Baptiste and his pursuance of love with an unattainable woman. It's such an awesome film I cannot get enough of. It deserves a spot on every list (if you're in love with it like me).

Pure genius!

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